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We supply Potatoes and Onions to Burger King, Mc Donald’s, and Frito Lay. And we are ideally-suited to ship potatoes and onions to all 50 states and Canada. We also export internationally, with a concentrated focus on the Pacific Rim. Find out if we can meet your supply needs by clicking the button below.

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Why buy Potatoes and Onions from Thompson Family Farms?

Our goal at Thompson Family Farms is to deliver consistent, superior produce throughout the seasons

Thompson Family Farms (TFF) is an independent group of produce growers located in Eastern Washington and Oregon. We specialize in growing, packing, marketing and selling fresh potatoes and onions. Established by founder Robert Thompson in 2005, Thompson Family Farms was formed to provide our customers with a trusted source for fresh produce on a year-round basis.

TFF sources peak seasonal potatoes and onions from Washington, Oregon, and California. Our rotating production schedule results in consistent, high quality produce no matter what time of year it is.

Each TFF partner is directly involved with growing, packing and shipping fresh potatoes and onions. This hands-on involvement in all facets of production allows us to provide an abundance of fresh, high-quality product for the best possible value.

We utilize a variety of transportation options, depending on the destination, including truck, rail and intermodal (container shipments). In 2006, the partners of Thompson Family Farms shipped approximately 8,500 truckloads, 250 railcars and 150 containers.

In the 2008/2009 season, Thompson Family Farms (TFF) grew, packed and shipped approximately 300 acres of potatoes and 120 acres of onions. Fast forward to 2017 — TFF now packs and ships 1,000 acres of potatoes and 300 acres of onions. With production capabilities of nearly 35 tons of product per acre, we are prepared to pack and ship over 14,700 tons of products. As of 2017 TFF partners control and market product from approximately 10,000 acres with access to over 5,000 additional acres.

Thompson Family Farms is a majority, minority-owned company. We are approved and registered by the National Minority Supply Development Council as a legitimate minority business enterprise.

We Got You Covered: Regional Crops @ a Glance

New Crop Russets

  • Bakersfield, CA harvest is late May through early August
  • Washington/Eastern Oregon harvest is out of field August through October
  • Southern Oregon begins harvest in mid-September

New Crop Reds and Yukons

  • Bakersfield, CA harvest Reds and Yukons from May through July
  • Eastern Washington has Reds and Yukons from July through September
  • Western Washington runs from mid-September into December

New Crop Whites

  • Bakersfield, CA harvests Whites from May through July
  • Eastern Washington has a small supply of Whites in August
  • Western Washington runs Whites from September into December

Storage Russets

  • Washington and Oregon begin out of storage in late October/early November through June
  • Storage Reds/Yukons
  • Eastern Washington has Reds and Yukons from storage September through November
  • Western Washington begins out of storage in mid-December through early April

Storage Whites

  • No whites available out of storage in Washington
  • New crop out of California begins in January
  • *Any gaps on Red, Yukon and White potatoes will be covered with product from other areas, including CA, AZ and FL

Quality Assurance and Food Safety

“The quality and safety of our food is essential to everyone associated with Thompson Family Farms, from our growers to the ultimate consumer.”

Robert Thompson

Thompson Family Farms employs a quality assurance manager who visits each of our sheds on a daily basis to inspect and ensure the excellence of our product prior to shipping. In addition, all of our operating facilities have passed yearly food safety audits conducted by the American Institute of Baking and Primus Labs. These measures help ensure that all of our products meet or exceed required safety regulations.

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At Thompson Family Farms, we operate on the principle that cultivating partnerships is as important as cultivating produce. Our strong grower relationships and the management of our own farms allow us to provide high-quality product all year round. Our main sales office is located in Anaheim, California, with growing areas and packing sheds located in Eastern Washington and Oregon. These areas are home to a thriving agriculture industry that is a vital component of the nation. If you have a potato or onion supply need, please contact us using the options below and request a proposal.

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